Umrah & Hajj Specialist have now launched their 4 & 5 Star Deluxe Hajj Packages for 2014

The 4 and 5 star deluxe Hajj or Umrah Packages Leicester are available to help you make your religious journey more pious, sacred, and hassle free. However, to be sure that your tour is indeed successful, it is important to check out if your travel agent is providing you with all the facilities as expected in a 4 or 5 star package.

Hajj Packages 2014Hajj is a pious ritual that sanctifies you with all the sins and evil feelings. Obviously, it needs you to devote your full time and soul, to make your sacred journey worthwhile. However, amid travelling and boarding hassles, it may often become cumbersome to heed complete attention to your main purpose of visiting the Hajj destinations. This is where the need to choose 4 & 5 star deluxe Hajj packages in Leicester becomes evident and the same holds true for Umrah.

Several Umrah and Hajj specialist have come up with their lucrative packages to make your tour this year as comfortable as possible. In spite of a flurry of attractive deals these travel agents offer, you are likely to delve into dilemma prior to the selection of most feasible package. Below are some of the important tips to help you drag out from curiosity.

Ensure comfortable stay

Make sure your package includes comfortable stays at every place where you stay throughout your journey, right from Leicester to Makkah and Madinah, and other destinations in between. On an average, you may have to spend around 5 nights or more, both in Makkah and in Madinah. In addition, you have to pay full attention to your worship, which is the main reason for your trip. Hence, amid such busy schedule, it is important that you get a highly relaxing and comfortable space, where your stay. Hence, prior to your tour, gather full details of all the hotels where your agent has arranged your stopovers. If you find something suspicious, enquire straightaway, else it will be too late.

Food options

Before booking your 4 & 5 Hajj or Umrah Package, you get the choice to either accept the provided food itinerary, or ask for your own eating schedule, depending on whether you want all of your breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments, or a part of them. It may often happen that you have to eat any of your breakfast or lunch, etc., at some place other than your hotel. In such cases, you should get the facility to cancel your order. There should not be any compulsion to have your meals only in the booked hotel or get your money deducted even if you eat somewhere outside.

Transport facility

Where you go during your Hajj or Umrah tour, check out well in advance from your travel agent that it has made proper arrangement for your transport. Be it to go to Ka’ba, the historical places in Madinah or even for sightseeing, it could become very difficult for you to travel distances in the absence of any such transport facility. Hence, whether you need flight, any four-wheeler, or any other conveyance, make sure that it is all included in your package; after all, it is 4 or 5 star deluxe package in Leicester. You just cannot expect any less, as you have invested a sumptuous amount for your comfort.