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Umrah & Hajj Specialist have now launched their 4 & 5 Star Deluxe Hajj Packages for 2014

The 4 and 5 star deluxe Hajj or Umrah Packages Leicester are available to help you make your religious journey more pious, sacred, and hassle free. However, to be sure that your tour is indeed successful, it is important to check out if your travel agent is providing you with all the facilities as expected in a 4 or 5 star package.

Hajj Packages 2014Hajj is a pious ritual that sanctifies you with all the sins and evil feelings. Obviously, it needs you to devote your full time and soul, to make your sacred journey worthwhile. However, amid travelling and boarding hassles, it may often become cumbersome to heed complete attention to your main purpose of visiting the Hajj destinations. This is where the need to choose 4 & 5 star deluxe Hajj packages in Leicester becomes evident and the same holds true for Umrah.

Several Umrah and Hajj specialist have come up with their lucrative packages to make your tour this year as comfortable as possible. In spite of a flurry of attractive deals these travel agents offer, you are likely to delve into dilemma prior to the selection of most feasible package. Below are some of the important tips to help you drag out from curiosity. Continue reading

Hajj 2013 – A Complete Guide on the Rituals

Hajj 2013The followers of Islam consider Mecca as the most pious place on the earth owing to its significance in glorifying the highly revered religion the world over. Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam is the most respected ritual they perform here, with due zeal and fervor. Notably, Muslims from every nook and cranny of the globe gather here in the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, the last one according to Islamic calendar. The following article gives an insight into the rituals they follow here in the Hajj, which ultimately enrich them with peace of mind and purity of soul, leaving all the evils behind. Apropos to the upcoming Hajj 2013, these points are noteworthy.

Ritual guides to Hajj 2013Ihram For Men & Women

Ihram: As for the rituals, first of all it is essential for the devotees to be in the state of Ihram, which is the state of purification. It requires the Muslims to take proper bathe as per the Islamic way and then wear the white garment, called as Ihram that comprises:

  • Rida: The white cloth’s upper portion
  • Izar: The white cloth’s lower portion Continue reading