Nine Essential Things you should consider while looking for Hajj packages 2013

Hajj 2013Hajj, one of the essential tenets of Islam, offers a unique chance that anyone can use to reconcile with Allah and seek His Blessings & forgiveness. Owing to the magnitude this essential ritual and the fifth pillar of Islam holds, preparing for it on a prior basis is important just to avoid logistical trouble to this otherwise spiritual journey. Without doubts, choosing for a reliable Hajj package is hence among the foremost tasks in this regard. This article looks further inside the delicacies of this annual religious event and provides you with nine essential tips to help you choose a befitting Hajj package 2013.

  1. Hajj 2013 GuideTo avoid last minute hassles it is better to find a reasonable tour operator well in advance. Such agencies keep you aware of the flights and help you book tickets as per your convenience. Service providers may also make arrangement for special flights to Mecca for Hajj pilgrimage.   .
  2. You may find a lot of agents promising comfortable and affordable Hajj tour and most of them are likely to live up to their commitment. Still it is advisable to look for a tour operator that has proper registration from Ministry of Hajj. This automatically makes your trip sound and smooth. They offer comparably much cheaper services, are well accustomed with the visa related rules and regulations and are even accountable to the Ministry if any pilgrim complains about their services.
  3. Looking for a travel agency that fixes the Hajj tour under the supervision of an Imam is recommendable. Such a move could help lessen down the need for taking shortcuts and is also helpful in refraining you from indulging in any activity against Sunnah.
  4. It is better if your tour agency seeks the assistance of a knowledgeable guide. His knowledge and experience could help you complete the journey satisfyingly. Such a bankable assistance could save you from facing certain unknown questions from the authorities.
  5.  If you are about to go for Hajj 2013 along with your mother, sisters or other female relatives then looking for hajj package in which you can also get a female guide could act as a welcome advantage for all the ladies.
  6. Hotel booking according to your budget constraints is very important. Hence, make sure that your Hajj package does not tend you to shed off extra expenditures. You can choose from among a wide list of hotel categories such as comfort, luxury and budget hotels.
  7. Pilgrims may also stay in Mina, in the tents, so you can search for a Hajj Package that could assist you booking space in Mina tents instead of hotel rooms.
  8. During Hajj pilgrimage, the devotees have to cover a long distance on foot. However, selecting a responsible traveling agency could help you get rid of such hassles. It can make proper arrangement for vehicles to take you to your booked hotel and from there, to the exact place in Mecca.
  9. It is better if the Imam of the Hajj package that you have opted for is there with you throughout the tour. It could be difficult to contact him if he is traveling in a different vehicle or staying in a place other than yours. Hence, make sure to clear all such doubts from a Hajj tour operator before finalising the proceedings.

Before moving ahead with your decision to choose a Hajj Package 2013, it is important to take care of certain useful points regarding the tour. Abiding by such essential tips could simplify your long journey to a great extent and you can complete all the Hajj rituals with ease, without any hassles.