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Hajj Packages 2014Every year the beautiful cities of Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawara flourish with the pilgrims pouring in from all around the globe. It is here that every pilgrim races towards the mercy of Allah and focuses entirely on this tremendous holy journey that shall change their life forever.

Performing Hajj is a lifelong dream for every Muslim that sometime in his/her life must be fulfilled. Sadly, getting to and finding convenient accommodation in Saudi Arabia can be quite a tough task for those who are not familiar with the region.

Gratefully, nowadays there are few reputed firms like Marhaba Tours that have expertise in providing all inclusive Hajj packages to the pilgrims.

Marhaba Hajj packages come in all price ranges, which provides nearly anyone that has the desire to visit Mecca and Madina firsthand, the chance to do so at a very affordable price. The low cost package includes everything that the pilgrims need to relish their stay in this extraordinary place.

As any international travel agency will notify, obtaining a visa can be pretty tough if an individual don’t completely understand each countries system. Therefore, all the Hajj & Umrah packages that are offered by Marhaba Tours start with a visa that permits the pilgrims to stay in Saudi Arabia legally for the entire duration of their holy journey.

Hajj 2014

Each Marhaba Tours Hajj package also includes airfare, free lunch and dinner, accommodations, transportation and a tour guide to ensure pilgrims appreciate every aspect of their holy vacation as much as possible. Additionally, the pilgrims get a pre Hajj seminar and a 5 day special educational program which ensure that the pilgrims completely understand the impact of what they are presently accomplishing.

Every year Marhaba Tours U.K. invites pilgrims to go on this sacred journey. The agency feels pride on providing quality service to the brothers and sisters, whilst remaining reliable, honest and reasonable in all their dealing – delivering what they assure. As a result of this it has become one of the UK’s most reputable Hajj companies. Besides this the pilgrims are accompanied by its experienced UK staff throughout the trip as well as their Saudi counterparts who join the pilgrims on arrival into the Saudi Kingdom.

Like every year, Marhaba Tours has come up with tailor made Hajj packages at affordable price this year also. This year they offer a wide range packages to choose from that will appeal to all tastes and requirements.Their Hajj packages includes the very successful 3 Week Deluxe3 Week Super Deluxe  and 4 Week Deluxe packages. All of theses Marhaba Tours packages provide every pilgrim with sufficient time to relish Makkah and Madinah before beginning the Hajj rites.

If 3 and 4 weeks are too long for a pilgrim, then the 2 Week Super Deluxe and 2 Week Super Deluxe Plus package is best to opt for. These are one of the best 2 week Hajj packages in the UK market. If you are delighted with the packages that Marhaba Tours has to offer,

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