Hajj from Manchester – Tips and Advice for 2014

Hajj includes a set of sacred rituals that Muslims from all across the globe love to perform. Every year, millions of devotees almost throng the holy place of Makkah and Madinah to express their gratitude to their beloved Allah. While there are many who have been to pilgrimage several times, still a big number of devout Muslims are first timers to this pious religious destination. For either of them, it is important to abide by certain rules and regulations, in the wake of making their Hajj tour from Manchester a success.

Hajj 2014While you about to leave for Hajj from Manchester, taking care about some important points is important. Tips related to contacting a Hajj tour agency, carrying all the legal documents, inputs from experienced people, health preparations, etc., are worthwhile. Below are some worthwhile tips and advices that you may use during your Hajj tour.

Set yourself free: To avail this lifetime opportunity, you need to be well prepared and the first step for the same is to free yourself from all the obligations. If you are in a job, then apply for three weeks to a month long vacation in advance. If you own a business, handover the work to some other responsible person to carry on the proceedings in your absence, and set yourself free for the tour.

Buy travel insurance: You never know what hardships await you during your journey. Getting travel insurance is therefore a smart move. Make sure that it insures your entire trip, and covers the issues related to medal and repatriation.

Carry all the legal documents: Before flying off for Hajj, ensure that you carry all the necessary legal documents, like valid visa, valid passport, your identity card, etc. Provide your photograph, along with name, passport number, your hotel room no., and all the requisite information on your ID card, so that you may easily be mingled with your group, if fortunately lost.

Hajj-2014Care for your health: Throughout the entire Hajj, you need to be physically fit, in order to complete the various involved rituals, such as running from Safa to Marwah, circumambulating the Ka’ba, walking in the heat, and so on. Prepare yourself in advance to be healthy enough to perform such rituals. Increase your daily walking distance and duration, watch your eating habit. You may also participate in a physical activity allowed in Islam and helps you to keep fit enough to go for Hajj from Manchester. You may also carry your medicines, especially if you have a prior medical condition.

Contact experienced Hajis:  It is advisable to be in touch with people who people who have already been to a pilgrimage to Mecca. Their personal experience could be helpful for your trip. In addition, you can also seek the help of Hajj guides available in the market.

Approach an experienced Hajj tour operator: It is better to approach an experienced Hajj operator like Umrah & Hajj Specialist Ltd that could arrange your entire journey, helping you to ease out all the travel related hassles. Having done this, you can get ample guidance, both about the Holy place as well as about the necessary Hajj rituals.