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Mind of this Department of Track and Track Facilities

Prizes and achievements for the academic system. The academic system is accredited and contains a 120-year history. The degree-granting divisions regarding the institute (the Department of Track and Track places, the Department of Bridges, the Department of Underground Structures) had been usually well liked for good quality of training. The textbook “Railway Engineering Management. Practices, Principles, effectiveness” published by E.S. Spiridonov and T.V. Shepitko, teachers of just one of this five degree-granting divisions (Construction Arrangement, Technology and Management) ended up being granted a laureate diploma associated with congress that is international “Global Education—Education Without Borders 2010.”

Russian University of Transport also provides a Bachelor’s system in Civil Engineering.

Teaching staff. The division employs staff that is highly qualified Doctors and Candidates of Sciences. The instructors frequently boost their certification in line with the Top-100 system regarding the Russian Railways business, at running devices associated with the Russian Railways business, at construction organizations and construction facilities of Moscow , at Russian and railway that is foreign universities, deliver lectures at universities of Kazakhstan , Asia , Lithuania , be involved in worldwide congresses and seminars.

University partners inside the program that is educational. The university cooperates with many transport, engineering and construction businesses like the Railways that is russian company Design Center and also the Russian Railways business, the Moscow Metro, Metrogiprotrans, Mosmetrostroy, Mostotrest, Mosinzhproekt, Giprotransput, Giprostroymost, Giprotransmost, Transinzhstroy, Roszheldorproekt, USK Many, Transputstroy, as well as others. Continue reading