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Deluxe Hajj Package in Leicester from Umrah & Hajj Specialist – An Ideal Choice

Hajj 2013The selection of Haj Package in Leicester has to be yours obviously. However, having said that, you owe an inevitable responsibility to choose the best package from an Umrah & Hajj specialist. Simultaneously, you need to be extremely careful not to fell prey of the fraudsters that claim to offer the moon, but end up stealing away your hard-earned investments. Thankfully, with Marhaba Tours, your search for a genuine, scam free and government accredited Hajj travel operator could finally reach its conclusion.

While you approach a specialist Hajj and Umrah tour operator like Marhaba Tours, you are likely to get favourable deals that could suit your budget and time constraints. The packages these companies offer include no less than 4-star and 5-star deluxe hotels that are well equipped with all the amicable facilities. Continue reading

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Hajj from Manchester – Tips and Advice for 2014

Hajj includes a set of sacred rituals that Muslims from all across the globe love to perform. Every year, millions of devotees almost throng the holy place of Makkah and Madinah to express their gratitude to their beloved Allah. While there are many who have been to pilgrimage several times, still a big number of devout Muslims are first timers to this pious religious destination. For either of them, it is important to abide by certain rules and regulations, in the wake of making their Hajj tour from Manchester a success.

Hajj 2014While you about to leave for Hajj from Manchester, taking care about some important points is important. Tips related to contacting a Hajj tour agency, carrying all the legal documents, inputs from experienced people, health preparations, etc., are worthwhile. Below are some worthwhile tips and advices that you may use during your Hajj tour.

Set yourself free: To avail this lifetime opportunity, you need to be well prepared and the first step for the same is to free yourself from all the obligations. If you are in a job, then apply for three weeks to a month long vacation in advance. If you own a business, handover the work to some other responsible person to carry on the proceedings in your absence, and set yourself free for the tour. Continue reading

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Hajj Packages 2014Every year the beautiful cities of Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawara flourish with the pilgrims pouring in from all around the globe. It is here that every pilgrim races towards the mercy of Allah and focuses entirely on this tremendous holy journey that shall change their life forever.

Performing Hajj is a lifelong dream for every Muslim that sometime in his/her life must be fulfilled. Sadly, getting to and finding convenient accommodation in Saudi Arabia can be quite a tough task for those who are not familiar with the region.

Gratefully, nowadays there are few reputed firms like Marhaba Tours that have expertise in providing all inclusive Hajj packages to the pilgrims. Continue reading