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7 techniques for triumph in the brand New ACT Essay

Due to the fact Director of Curriculum at Compass, We have particular advice that i might provide to pupils getting ready to simply take the ACT that is new Essay

Really. Simply inhale. This can be done.

number 2 simply simply Take ten minutes to Pre-Write

The ACT has added ten minutes to the Writing Test. Offered the complexity for this brand new project, the extensive time shows that the test authors think you ought to be investing those ten full minutes pre-writing. When many pupils face a ticking clock, they start composing their essays instantly. This leads to what’s also known as “throat-clearing” introductions that fundamentally restate the prompt, often in various words, but frequently in almost phrasing that is identical. Set your self up to wow your audience together with your introduction if you take the entire ten full minutes to pre-write.

number 3 develop a System of Analysis

In the event that you ask many people exactly what this means to assess, they’ll inform you this means to split anything into its components. But how can you actually do that?

Take to asking listed here four concerns whenever you read each viewpoint:

  • Whom might hold this viewpoint?
  • Why would they hold it?
  • Imagine if most of us held this perspective?
  • What’s one weakness or power with this viewpoint?

Abruptly, the idea that is vague of” is concretized into a method of concerns you could affect each viewpoint: whom? Why? What if…? Strength or weakness?

number 4 Write Down Notes

You need to jot down your thoughts as you ask these questions about each perspective. This acts two purposes: it frees up your short-term memory (which can be important toward the conclusion of a test that is 4-hour plus it streamlines outlining. They will serve as the outline of your body paragraphs when you make notes for these questions. Continue reading